Refresh: Urban Retreat - July 2019

One day in one city for women to come together and pursue one thing, refreshment on their health journey. The day was packed with amazing information to nourish bodies, souls and spirits. money raised for Youth One, relationships formed and strengthened, and seeds planted for things to come. Yay Lethbridge!

Gut Health Seminar - June 2019

Friday, June 7, 2019 @ Dwell Urban Venue (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Tonight was our first stab at an evening of learning about gut health.

We talked about poop, nutrition, and everything from glyphosate to taste buds.

We also had a 20 minute exercise sequence to stimulate the vagus nerve and help us poop well.

Thanks to Rosario D'Silva for snapping these awesome pics!

Encore: Products with Purpose (Sale)

July 2016 (Port Perry, ON)

Don’t start a business in a day. It’s stressful. Will never do it again.

But it still worked out well.

I’d been saving bottles from supplements, food and drinks. I hated throwing things away. And one walk downtown lead to getting these on a shelf in pop-up shop on Queen St. in a matter of days.