Breaking Free From the Prison of Your Pictures

I am a visionary, a dreamer.

Someone who sees prophetically into the future, but prefers to run full force toward pictures until they are reality, rather than yielding and trusting and thanking for glimpses of glory.

If you too are a pictures person, someone who engages with life and makes decisions based on images tucked into your heart, you may find these thoughts helpful.

I’ve learned that idealism is a gift... that the pursuit of ideals can draw us close to the One who created us. When we operate in faith, we may not even consciously understand that what we are pursuing is humanly unrealistic. Other times we may know how seemingly “impossible” something is, but lean so into Him that we believe that only in His strength we will accomplish such a thing.

On the other hand, idealism tortures. In the safety of our minds, ideals are rarely broken. They are complete, whole, and perfect. But real life is messy. When we bow to our ideas, instead of placing them at His feet, we cannot see the beauty in broken reality. We are crushed, deeply impacted, by the rhythms of the world that tamper with what our energy was focused on.

That’s where there’s an important distinction between day-dreaming and partnering your faith. When we let ideals take over our thought life in a day-dreaming mentality, our well-being is dependent on the fruition of the picture. We need to see it happen. This strengthens control in the wrong way. When we dream in broad daylight and choose to do so in faith of His perfect plan and sovereign reign over all things, we find excitement in the dream, but freedom from the chains to it. We live, move and have our being in another realm, independent of the progress to our goal.

Ideals are intimate, and therefore when we become intimate with Love Himself, our ideals flow from health. I was so captured by His Love that things I forgot I even dreamed of as a child came back to my mind. I started having a heart for things I used to want to do badly. Somewhere along the way, I lost hope of these things, as my view of my Daddy became tainted and limited. In this fresh indwelling of His heart for me, I was taken away in dreams with Him. But the focus was being with Him, not the dreams themselves. I felt encouraged to dream with Him because He was near, and safe, and not expectant that they be fulfilled, rather, showing me that joy is found in dreaming itself. He has made me okay with not knowing if and or how these things would happen.  I just bask in the thoughts and enjoy knowing with Him all thing are possible. Whatever that will look like.

Be encouraged today, dreamer. To first be a lover, and then let your visionary nature flow from intimacy with the source of creativity Himself.