New Mindset Breakfast Smoothie

vegan - gluten free - whole foods

During the 6th hour of the new day, I gazed upwards. Glorious sun-rays beamed over the top of a set of hills. Four silhouettes moved further away from me and into the blinding image. I paused from the track of their footsteps and glanced behind me. The picture-esque scene overlooked an anointed city. A  beautiful river that weaved through a tribe of mini-mountains.sunriseI noticed a bench. “I will come back here another time.” But this wasn't the time. I couldn’t decide whether the next hill being turned into a set of 30 stairs made the climb better -- or worse. The lactic acid build-up blocked my capacity to decide.I joined a performance training group a few weeks ago to build my body's capacity to complete a triathlon, to have fun, and to challenge my emotional ideals. This was only my second run with them.  It hurt my spine, and healed me soul. That glorious hour-long (at points crawl) run in the Coulees poured energy into my veins.The increased ATP action from training my body again cannot compare to anything else. I forgot that having energy for your whole entire work day is possible.And my post-training breakfast helps too.

Wash and chop fresh organic cucumber, and freeze to have on hand for as week's worth of breakfast smoothies.fullsizeoutput_2cc

Joining this training group has been so good. My relationship with exercise has never felt so pure. So life-giving. So joyful. So fun!I decided I'd turn around halfway into their run. Before the run even started.I told one of the guys "I think I'll do a couple k.m's and go back on my own."He ever so kindly turned around a couple k.m's in, meeting me at the back of the pack to say  "Hey, this would be a good time to go back, because we're going down here next."He was pointing at a set of Coulees. Yikes.But a Voice spoke to me:  Keep going.I remembered last week's muscular death, and the effects of  the 9 k.m. coulee run leaving me unable to walk "normally" for 3 days. I remembered that everyone else in the group has been training much longer than me. I remembered that they have all ran marathons and are not coming from the same place as me this morning. I remembered that LIFE follows DEATH. And then the "lightbulb" illuminated my entire demeanour.

Perseverance over perfection.


In the blender:-  4-5 chunks of frozen cucumber  -  1 ripe banana  -  2-4 ice cubes .  --  2 handfuls organic spinach  -   almond butter (depends on how much you want)-  plant-based vanilla protein powder   -   distilled waterfullsizeoutput_2d3

To choose to complete the course, and not care if I didn't "appear" perfect, or trick myself into "perfection," was liberating. It meant I could finish last (by a lot) and still overflow with Joy. It meant I could walk when I needed to and run when I wanted to. It meant I could receive the companionship of someone who was capable of completing it without stopping when he willfully walked with me. 


Running has been the most challenging for me.Swimming is my favourite. I choose to swim every morning, even on morning there isn't' swim training. I choose to jump in the pool even after the run, just to start my day.There are treasures hidden in the depths of water.But whatever movement my body performs each morning, it feels so beautifully incomplete. As a post-elite athlete, it's historically been easier for me to do NOTHING than SOMETHING because things aren't what they used to be.Now, these 1 hour times each morning happily break me.I am not who I was anymore.Regardless of what I do in the morning, I finish my precisely imperfect movement session and bask in the glory of driving home after sunrise.Throwing together a quick, nourishing and loaded breakfast that takes 5 minutes is a joy that follows.

fullsizeoutput_2d5"Increasing the percentage of plant-based products we consume daily could impact the world's food supply. This single strategy has profound implications for food availability and protecting the environment. By reducing land, water, and energy use, and protecting the web of life, organic, sustainable agriculture benefits the entire human race. Organic. Non-GMO. Vegetarian. Sustainable."



"500 million straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone. That’s 175 Billion a year filtering into landfills (environment) and littering our waterways and oceans."  - The Last Strawfullsizeoutput_2d8

The freedom to walk has changed everything for me.And if I keep showing up, keep giving my best to the run, and walking when I need to, I will be able to run and not faint -- one day.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:9

There is freedom to rest, and freedom to run. Freedom to swim, and freedom to sleep. Freedom to fight hard and freedom to finish well.

Where are you not persevering today? Are you, perhaps, focusing on perfection?